Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Teacher My Hero

The Department of Education is spearheading the celebration of the National Teachers’ Month, an advocacy that began in 2008 as an idea by DepEd Secretary Brother Armin Luistro together with Metrobank Foundation, Inc. president Chito SobrepeƱa to recognize the contribution of Filipino teachers in shaping the country’s future leaders. It was President Noynoy Aquino who signed Presidential Proclamation 242 declaring the period from Sept. 5 to Oct. 5 of every year as “National Teachers’ Month” (NTM).

A lot of activities have been lined up to celebrate the NTM, with individuals, corporations and organizations mobilized in a multi-sectoral effort across the entire country to create a strong advocacy that “cultivates a Filipino culture that celebrates all teachers’ service and heroism,” the NTM Coordinating Council said.

Teaching is perhaps one of the most underpaid professions but despite the low pay, a lot of teachers never waver in their passion and idealism to mold the minds of our young people. In many parts of the country, teachers walk for hours and use their own resources to buy chalk, etc. just to fulfill their calling. During elections, they serve as board of election inspectors and in the process put their lives at risk. In fact, there have been too many stories about teachers dying just to protect the sanctity of the ballot especially in election hot spots like Maguindanao.

People shouldn’t have to wait for the National Teachers’ Month to say “thank you” to these everyday heroes.

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Book review: ‘The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way’ by Amanda Ripley

The deeper Ripley goes, however, the less certain she is of the answer to our school problem. Teachers in the high-scoring countries give their students more rigorous assignments and get more support from parents, principals and students for demanding work than teachers do in the United States. Ripley embraces that key concept. But some of those nations share the American habit of thinking that not all students need rigor.

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The Best Educational Apps and Games for Kids

Children of all ages are sharpening their growing brains with technology. With the sea of apps that all claim to be "educational," though, let's discuss which ones are really the best for our kids.

Schools have long been using software and video games to teach kids, of course (any one else play The Oregon Trail?). With tablets, advanced gaming systems, and other modern achievements, kids can also be learning all the time at home (maybe even unbeknownst to them)—and have fun all the while.

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